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The Lutheran Confessions




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Historical Introductions to the Lutheran Confessions

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The Book of Concord

The Three Ecumenical Creeds

The Augsburg Confession

Melanchthon's Alterations of the Augsburg Confession

The Pontifical Confutation of the Augsburg Confession

The Apology of the Augsburg Confession

Smalcald Articles and Tract Concerning the Power and Primacy of the Pope

Luther's Efforts at Restoring Catechetical Instruction

The Small and Large Catechism of Luther

The Smalcald War and the Augsburg and Leipzig Interims

Controversies Following the Interim and Settled by the Formula of Concord

The Adiaphoristic Controversy

The Majoristic Controversy

The Synergistic Controversy

The Flacian Controversy

The Osiandrian and Stancarian Controversies

The Antinomistic Controversy

The Crypto-Calvinistic Controversy

Controversy on Christ's Descent into Hell

The Eleventh Article of the Formula of Concord on Predestination

Luther and Article XI of the Formula of Concord

Article XII of the Formula of Concord: Of Other Heretics and Sects

Origin, Subscription, Character, etc. of Formula of Concord

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